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Cases Hypnotherapy


Cases Hypnotherapy
Examination stress

A 16 year old boy was brought by parents with complaint of examination phobia and poor academic performance. He would study hours every day but could not concentrate well and would go blank in exams. He was put under hypnotherapy. After few sessions he started studying with better concentration. He did well in exams and scored good grades.


A 22 year old female visited with severe anxiety about her health and thoughts of suffering from various diseases. This was badly affecting her studies. She requested for immediate help. She was put under hypnotherapy. In single course she was totally free from her anxiety and thoughts of diseases.

OCD and Negative thinking

A 48 year old male visited with complaint of OCD, compulsive checking & hand washing along with persistent negative thoughts in brain. This was making life of entire family miserable. He was put under hypnotherapy. In few sessions his thinking pattern changed from negative to positive and he could check his compulsive behavior.


A 37 year old female visited with complain of fear of height. Her office was on seventh floor and she could not concentrate on work due to contant fear in mind. She was thinking of switching job. She asked for help. After few sessions of hypnotherapy she became free from her phobia. She was happy to become able to continue with her job.

Vaginismus and nymphomania

A couple visited with a query. Can hypnotherapy change sexual behavior. Wife admitted that she had extreme sexual desire, very high sexual activity level and for few days was having pain during sexual activity due to vaginismus. She was put under hypnotherapy. Over few days couple reported positive change. She changed her outlook towards sexuality and moved towards deeper & healthier relationship with her husband. She became free from vaginismus and changed her sexual behavior to more safe & healthy. Couple is now living a happy life together.

Fear of public speaking

A 34 year old male visited with complaints of fear of public speaking. He had good potential for success but this fear was proving a block. He took hypnotherapy for this fear. This improved his self confidence and he started taking initiative in public speaking. He was later promoted to play a bigger role in his organization

Drug addiction

A 21 year old male was brought by parents for drug addiction treatment. After detailed assessment and discussion he agreed for hypnotherapy. After one course he reported reduction in craving and more mental calmness. After two courses he could eliminate addiction from his life.

Phobia Fear Of Height

A 31 year old male visited with complaints of fear of height. He was unable to go to higher floors of building. His office was at 12th floor. He was finding it difficult to work and wanted to leave job which otherwise was very good. His complaints were assessed and he was put under hypnotherapy treatment. By the end of treatment his phobia was no more there and he reported that he could go to even higher floors without difficulty.


A 27 year old male patient visited with complaints of OCD with repeated hand washing, unwanted compelling thoughts and other related complaints. After detailed assessment he was suggested hypnotherapy along with cognitive behavior therapy. In about 15 days he reported significant control over thought process and behavior. Another course of treatment was suggested by the end of which he was free from his complaints.


A 27 year old boy visited with complaint of falling into all types of addictions be it smoking alcohol sex & pornography excessive eating etc. He had major personality problems, lack of confidence, inferiority, no stable occupation or relationship. He was given counseling and hypnotherapy. Treatment continued for about six months. Gradually he could reshape his life, adopted positive coping skills, improved in his relationships and started meaningful life for himself.