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Feedback Hypnotherapy

Feedback Hypnotherapy


For years I was underconfident. I would feel shy, find it difficult to make friends and I could not get success as much as I wanted. I attended hypnotherapy under Dr S K Sharma and that proved very helpful. I feel confident and make good friends. I am getting more success. People say I have changed a lot and I am happy.

Submitted By: RD

Examination fear

Exams were always difficult for me. I used to go blank even if I study very hard throughout year. My teachers used to get surprised at my result. They expected good result but it would come out disappointing. My father searched for good clinic for treatment of examination fear. He saw about Ethos Clinic and took appointment with Dr Sharma who gave me counseling and hypnotherapy. It worked wonderfully and my fear of exams was gone totally. I have got very good marks in my last exams and I am very happy.

Submitted By: T Meena

Broken love

How painful it is when we get ditched in life. My boyfriend did this to me. I wanted to die and even tried so. I used to weep whole day and night. My friends brought me to Dr S K Sharma. I was unwilling initially but after talking to Dr S K Sharma I agreed for treatment. I was given psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. In three days I felt as if there were dark clouds which have disappeared. I slept peacefully and found calmness of my mind. I wish to thank Dr S K Sharma for helping me out of that state.

Submitted By: E S

Panic attacks and anxiety

Since my childhood I had history of having panic attacks with severe anxiety. My mouth turns dry, hands would shake, I had fast heart beat and sweating. Doctors gave me medicines there was some improvement and then again. Due to these attacks I lost interest in everything. While reading about anxiety I found about Ethos Body and Mind Clinic and decided to meet Dr S K Sharma. I took hypnotherapy and some medicines. That proved very helpful. I no longer gets panic attacks and I feel normal first time in life.

Submitted By: Sushant


I have taken hypnosis treatment from Dr S K Sharma for confidence and stammering. I wish to say that in 5 sessions I have seen very good result and my stammering has reduced. Now very rarely I feel stuck while talking. I am also feeling very confident.

Submitted By: Atul Khanna

Thanks Thanks Thanks

My life was disaster. I was heart broken, smoking a lot, depressed, sleepless and what not. One day I came across this website and I thought to see if something can help. I am happy today that I decided that. I took hypnotherapy from Dr S K Sharma along with some counseling. It changed my state completely. I found new hope, rejoined my office and left smoking. Its like new birth to me. My parents today are so happy. We all thank Dr S K Sharma for such wonderful work. Thank you Dr Sharma.

Submitted By: Amrita

I wanted to die

I was madly in love and when he left me it was more than death. I lost all desire to live. I wanted to die. I would weep whole day and night. One of my friend forced me to meet Dr S K Sharma at Ethos Healthcare. I did it for my friend but within 2-3 sessions I started to feel calm. After few sessions I felt as if I have woken up from a dream. I regained myself. Today I am happy, enjoying my life and looking forward to a good future. Thanks Dr Sharma, you are wonderful.

Submitted By: Amrita


I was smoking for over 22 years. I tried to quit but could not. One day I came to know about hypnosis. I decided to give it a try. I met Dr Sharma and started hypnosis sessions. Honestly I was amazed that in one week I was off smoking. It was fantastic. Hypnosis is wonderful.

Submitted By: Keith T

My marriage is saved by Dr S K Sharma

I thank Dr S K Sharma for saving my marriage. I was suffering from impotence and lack of sexual desire. This was causing major problem in my marriage. I took allopathic medicines for almost two years but it did not help. While searching net I came across this website and I decided to meet Dr Sharma. I started hypnotherapy and now I have gained good sexual desire and vitality. My married life is good now. Hypnotherapy has helped me like a blessing.

Submitted By: A J

Hypnotherapy for obesity

I was depressed as I was overweight due to excess eating. It was very painful for me emotionally and was badly affecting my life. I tried everything like slimming centre, dieticians, gym but nothing worked. I then met Dr Sunil kumar Sharma at Ethos Clinic and joined hypnotherapy under him. I saw change in my eating habits after first course of hypnosis. My craving for sweets was less and I started eating less. I did 20 sessions of hypnotherapy and lost 32 kg. More than that I have started eating healthy diet. I now feel more energetic and more confident. My personal and social life has improved dramatically. It is like new birth for me.

Submitted By: Vandana

Exam fear

My younger sister took hypnosis sessions from Dr S K Sharma for examination fear. I am pleased to state that she has gained much confidence and has secured very good grades in recent examination. Best wishes.
Submitted By: Sandhya Gulati

Fear of air journey

I was suffering from fear of air journey. Even a thought of flying used to make me sick. It affected my career as I was supposed to travel. I met Dr S K Sharma and discussed my problem. I took hypnotherapy sessions. There was good change and in few sessions I gained confidence to take air journey. I am very happy to become free and enjoy my travel now.

Submitted By: Vimal T