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Health Pledge

Say ‘no’ to sickness and live healthy.

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Dear Friends,

Living healthy and saying no to sickness is not difficult. It is not difficult even if you are already suffering from some progressive sickness. Along with medical help, it requires your strong desire and decision for it. So let us not wait and waste even a single precious second of our life any more. Come, let us take the pledge NOW.

Dr S. K. Sharma.

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Today is the most important day of my life. Today I am deciding to live a healthy life from now on.. Today I am deciding to remove sickness from my life and do everything to prevent them to best possible extent in future.

My health is important for me. It is important for my own life, my success, my happiness and my meaningful living. It is also important for my family and my loved ones. I realize that I can not take my health for granted and I have to make timely, judicious decisions & efforts to achieve good health. It is primarily my responsibility and today I make a commitment to make healthy living as part of my attitude and every day life both in health and sickness.

Today I Pledge that 1 will –

  • Make good health a priority of my life.
  • Keep the determination and commitment towards healthy living.
  • Neither be too anxious nor too casual about my health.
  • Keep myself aware about health but will not use this knowledge towards self diagnosis and self treatment.
  • Take right choices and will not allow laziness / prejudice / temptations to stop me from living healthy.
  • Have a positive lifestyle and organized life.
  • Create and maintain healthy environment & hygiene around myself
  • Take healthy nutrition. I will balance taste satisfaction and health satisfaction.
  • Strictly leave and remain away from addiction in any form be it alcohol / smoking / tobacco / drugs / gambling / pornography etc. If I take tea / coffee / junk food, I will keep them to moderation and stop if required.
  • Develop healthy sexuality.
  • Exercise regularly as suggested by trained professionals and will maintain a good posture.
  • Maintain healthy body weight
  • Learn to prevent and manage stress.
  • Be alert and observe safety at home, work place, during games & play, in transport & traffic etc.
  • Undergo regular medical checkup and follow advices.
  • Not take my sickness casually and will manage it as per medical advice
  • Not get fooled by tall / false / magical claims of treatment.
  • Cooperate with others and seek their cooperation in mutual health promoting measures.
  • Motivate others to take this pledge.

I pledge today to live in good health for myself and my loved ones.

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