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Why does love fail

With so many broken marriages and broken relationships, do you wonder why does love fail. Important reasons are:

1. There was no love at all – Many marriages and relationships are assumed to be based on love but in reality they are formed due to other reasons. He is handsome she is sexy, this may not make a great love story. Similarly he is rich she is cute. Look carefully your own case.

2. Priorities change – There was something that brought you together but that no longer is your need or priority. Or you have developed some other priority. His need was sex, he got that. In earlier days you loved to spend time together but now rising high in your profession excites you more. What is your priority?

3. Occasionally good but now a burden – Some traits were adored in low dose but become a burden in daily dose. His possessiveness was symbol of care but now feels suffocating. Moderation is the key.

4. Boredom – Mind needs novelty, simple. You can prevent this.

5. Lacks love skills – This may be news but is true in most cases. You need love skills to make a super hit love story.

6. Fear of failure – Surprisingly in a large number of cases rest all is fine but it is the fear of failure of love that results in ultimate fall apart. You anticipates that love is dying and start making accusations over innocent errors. That is the beginning of end.

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