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How to start treatment

How to start treatment – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

A Step By Step Guide

Ethos for us is Sanctum Sanctorum of Good Health. For us serving humanity is like serving God. And we do so irrespective of race / religion / caste / color / creed.

At Ethos we focus on two things:

  1. Quality Holistic Healthcare
  2. Simple and convenient system

Our effort is towards providing best possible holistic healthcare in a simple and convenient manner. The entire process is systematic and professional. We understand our responsibility and therefore we take your health very seriously and make all possible to efforts so that you get good care and service in an efficient manner. Your good health and happiness is our biggest reward and testimonial.

To make your experience better and purposeful, we have listed here step by step guide for easy understanding and maximum health gain.

  1. Registration and Appointment

First step is to get registered at Ethos and book appointment. Registration can be done in person, online, by email or phone call. Information provided by you is completely safe and confidential. You will get earliest appointment at your convenient time. This can be for visit at Ethos or online consultation / session.

  1. Choice of Treatment

There are so many physical diseases and psychological complaints that bother humanity. Similarly there are a number of treatments available. It is a common question that how should one select which therapy or type of treatment will work best in my case. Every therapy has some positive and some limitations. You may read about various therapies and reach your judgment or take help of our experience in this. We will make thorough assessment of your health status and complaints and will help you in opting for most suitable therapy for quick and effective relief. This can be a single therapy or a combination of therapies to get best relief. Many therapies work very well in combination and give synergistic effect. They add benefits and cover up limitations.

  1. Diagnosis

Diagnosis is very crucial for effective treatment. It is helpful if you can provide details of history and progression of your ailment or psychological complaint. This includes details or copies of investigations and expert opinion where ever applicable. In addition to this we have our own Holistic Diagnosis System which helps us in reaching the root cause of the complaint and decide about best treatment or therapy.

  1. First Consultation

First consultation or session is always very important as it sets the direction and pace of the treatment. We give this due importance. We listen to you patiently, understand your complaints, make clinical assessment and then mutually decide about treatment and course of action. Clinical examination if required is only done after expressed consent.

  1. Therapy

You will be informed about sessions or course of treatment. Therapy or treatment is focused on three main goals:

  • Giving immediate relief from complaint
  • Treat disease or the problem
  • Improve health or mental status for lasting benefit
  1. Follow Up

Therapy or treatment continues under observation. We carefully monitor progress and make necessary changes. Your feedback is very important. You must note all changes and inform us at appropriate time. On reaching the desired goal of relief the treatment is discontinued. In a limited number of cases where desired level of goal is not achieved in expected time we suggest an alternative protocol and even advice to seek second opinion.

Your health, happiness and welfare is our mission. And we strive hard for this.