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Selfish can never love

A selfish person can never love. He or she will only think about self gratification. Even when in relationship, a selfish person thinks about relationship as possession. The level of thoughtfulness, sensitivity and understanding that is required to form a strong relationship is not there in a selfish person.

A selfish person may give costly gifts but will not be able to feel the emotional need of other person.

To love one needs to think beyond I.

But the state of such selfish person is so miserable. He or she is deprived of the real happiness, the ability to give and receive love. Such selfish people gather possessions even people around them to cover up their deficiency. But they do not have happiness, the bliss that comes from love. Those who stays with them are there only for their own selfish interest. The joy of relationship can never be felt by selfish.

Such people live with a feeling of loneliness even if they are surrounded by others. The frustration comes to surface in moments where there is real need of true love. But sometimes it gets too late.

True love comes from giving true love. If you want it, give it.

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