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The real spiritual growth

What is the real spiritual growth?

Why even after years of meditation and other practices, there is no growth?

Why people are not ‘happy’ inspite of spirituality?

There is no spiritual growth. People only gather so called spiritual words but nothing happens. All that happens is spiritual arrogance. You start feeling spiritually grown but where is the ‘growth’.

The answer is simple. No one can ‘teach’ spirituality.

Intellectual growth is through ‘knowledge’.  You can gain spiritual knowledge by reading or listening.

Emotional growth is through ‘feeling’.  You can gain spiritual feeling by meditation.


Spiritual growth is through ‘realization’.  Spirituality is and can only be realized. It comes from within.

Let it happen, naturally and spontaneously.

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Health is a dynamic state of being of a person which has different aspects of physical mental emotional social and spiritual. These aspects have unique meaning in an individual. In an individual these aspects are organized in a systematic manner and have a system of governance which creates an order and harmony.

- Dr. Sunil Sharma

The conception can be said to be a landmark at which a person starts its unique identity and there begins its journey of life.

- Dr. Sunil Sharma