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Modern Vs Conservative

Bhakt : Prabhu people are discussing about who is better – modern people or conservative people.

Bhagwan :

Bhakt : Prabhu, I was saying….

Bhagwan : Hmm I know.

Bhakt : So prabhu who is better. Conservative people say that modern people have forgotten values and are prone to evils and crimes. And modern people say that conservative people are non progressive and their mindset is the root cause of evils and crimes.

Bhagwan : Hmm I know.

Bhakt : Then prabhu who is better and who is the cause of problem.

Bhagwan : You mean to say modern people do not have values and conservative people are not progressive.

Bhakt : No prabhu I do not mean that but I came to know about many such comments and TV channels are having heated debates about this.

Bhagwan : Human society is complex and will always have people of different shades of lifestyles, opinions and mindsets. Humans should learn to accommodate. People can have different lifestyles, wear different types of clothes, have different hairstyles, speak different languages, go to religious places or discos, chant mantras or dance on pop music. This is all individual choice. This does not make a good or bad human being. Nor does it make forward or backward, modern or primitive, progressive or regressive. Humans are humans. One who respect others, has logical thinking & learning ability, has honesty & integrity and live a life that is good for self and society is real human being irrespective of being man or woman, living in big city or village, has so called modern education or no education. These are human qualities and those who do not have these are real culprits of evils and crimes. All this debate of rooted in culture or uprooted from culture is a waste of precious time.

Bhakt : But prabhu…..

Bhagwan : Modern too have the value system and conservative too are progressing. Together they make the nation. They all have brains and must use them in eliminating evils & crimes from the society. And any comment that goes against humanity must be completely discarded.

Bhakt : Prabhu some men are saying that certain crimes like rape occur because of women’s faults.

Bhagwan : This crime of blaming women for rape is even bigger than rape. Strange but such thoughts mostly come from those who talk about value system. This is destructive of society. That is why I told you value system has nothing to do with being conservative or modern. If you have value system you will honor women in discos and if you do not have value system you will assault them in religious places.

Bhakt : Got it prabhu. Naaraayan Naaraayan !!!

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