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Why Hypnotherapy Works To Quit Smoking

Hypnosis is a state of mind that allows an increased openness for suggestions. It is a state of deep relaxation that makes the mind able to focus on a specific problem or desired result and to listen to hypnotic suggestions about how to deal with the problem and achieve the result. It works by opening the subconscious and excluding the censor of consciousness that always filters, edits and judges the content that is allowed into the mind.

Achieving this state of a calm using breathing and visualization techniques, the Hypnotist puts new ideas across to the patient to discourage smoking. They could be ideas about the benefits of quitting. Or about the health hazards of not quitting. But the outcome is that the old patterns of thinking are disrupted with newer, better suggestions.

The new ideas planted in the patient’s subconscious have a double benefit. They help the person to relax and at the same time give the courage of conviction to resist the temptation of smoking.
Some patients might need more than just one session to quit for good. But there are reports of many successes! Many people who have wanted to quit, have quit the habit using Hypnosis.
How does Hypnosis work to quit smoking?

There are a few reasons for smoking that work against you when you try to quit smoking the old-fashioned way: there is the physical aspect: you are addicted to nicotine. There are also psychological reasons and this is where Hypnosis can be most effective.

You might have subconsciously conditioned yourself to crave a cigarette because you always smoke in certain situations. You smoke after a meal, when driving a car, drinking a cup of coffee. When you try to quit, any of these situations will remind you subconsciously of smoking and trigger a huge craving for a cigarette.

Hypnosis can create a picture in your mind where you can replace the relaxation and pleasure you derive from smoking with something else, it can help you to derive relaxation from a different trigger and can even put a negative association with cigarettes in your mind. Hypnosis can also break the association of smoking with certain situations and therefore break your conditioned reflex that triggers craving in these situations. Once these two powerful motivations for smoking are gone, you have successfully used hypnosis to stop smoking and quitting for good will be a goal within your reach.
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I help and guide you to access this state of calm using breathing and visualisation techniques. I put new ideas and suggestions that we discussed prior to your Hypnosis, to discourage smoking and to release the cravings, the habit and the programme of smoking. I put in powerful suggestions so that you don’t overeat, drink more water, choose exercise and health AND REMAIN A NON-SMOKER.

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