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Healing Acupressure For Colds And The Flu Virus

In Eastern medicine, Replica Breitling watches it is believed that the flu virus or the common cold are both due to an overabundance of cold moist energy, built up within certain points of the back of the neck. In keeping these particular areas warmed via healing acupressure, one can use holistic health treatments to better their wellness when colds or the flu occur. Completing these Eastern medicine acupressure treatments on a regular basis may even prevent colds and the flu virus from even weakening the body to begin with.

Simply apply acupressure to the appropriate pressure points, using either one of your fingers, or your palm. Apply a steady pressure to the point for only five seconds, to draw warm energy to that area. Repeat this healing acupressure three to five times per session.

There are many pressure points within the body that, as per Eastern medicine adherents, can better the overall wellness of the body when pressure is applied. Here are a list of the healing acupressure points, that when stimulated, may prevent colds and the flu virus with the body:

Poong-mun: This is said in Eastern medicine to be the most vulnerable area with respect to gathering cold energy. This point is located approximately two fingers width from the thoracic vertebrae, on either side.

Joong-bu: Just outside the upper breastbone area, there are two hollowed areas that lie directly below the protrusions of an individual’s collarbone. Gently tapping this area, or pressing your thumb directly into it, in three second intervals, warms this area. Also, tapping directly over this area with a cupped hand, is a common healing acupressure practice.

Oon-mun: On either side of each shoulder there is a point directly below the collarbone. Gently tap or push into this point with the pad of your thumb or finger for a few seconds. Repeat three to five times in this area per session.

Dae-chu: When feeling directly below the seventh vertebrae, bend neck and head forward. There is an indentation wherein the neck and shoulder line meets, below the largest bone. Keeping that point stationary with your finger, return your neck and head back to an upright position. Tap over this healing acupressure point with a hand that is cupped.

It is important to remember that when practicing healing acupuncture as a method of holistic health in Eastern medicine, not to ever tap or press on: skin infections, scars, open wounds, varicose veins, broken bones etc. These methods are only to be used on healthy portions of the body, and should not cause intense pain when practicing.

These Eastern medicine methods can be practiced at any point of the day, wherever you are. Healing acupressure allows for the body to experience self-control as well as enhanced health.

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