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Introduction – Online Courses Holistic Health Psychology and more

Welcome to e-learner section of Ethos.

Our mission is to improve health and quality of life worldwide. Ethos Healthcare offers selected super specialized online courses in the field of:

  • Holistic Medicine
  • Counseling and Psychotherapy 

These courses are useful for –

  • Doctors / Healthcare Professionals
  • Those who wish to pursue various branches of Holistic Medicine and Psychology as profession.
  • Those who wish to learn these to help others.
  • Those who wish to learn to improve their own health and live a healthy life. 

The advantage of joining Ethos Healthcare for these courses is –

  • In depth courses with higher knowledge but still concise & easy to understand.
  • You can study at your own pace and place.
  • You can join anytime during the year.
  • It has flexible learning system.
  • These are interesting to study.
  • These courses are growing in scope and public utility.
  • These courses are very interactive
  • Gives you extensive, useful, applied & practical knowledge
  • Helps you gain mastery over your subject
  • Develops skills to make its practical use simple

Steps of Learning: 

Every subject has two steps of learning:

  • Step One

Online lessons sent at regular interval. Duration can be less or more depending on your study speed and need.

  • Step Two

Assignments, Case Management and Project


Level                                   Duration              Fees

Basic Certificate               6 Months            Rs  20000/- (USD 400)
Advanced Certificate       1  Year                 Rs  40000/- (USD 800)
PG Certificate                    1  Year                Rs  40000/- (USD 800)
Master’s Certificate          2  Year                Rs  1,60,000/- (USD 3200)

*Fees is payable at beginning of course to – ‘ETHOS HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED’ and is payable at New Delhi to following account.

Ethos Healthcare Private Limited
      A/C  No – 007105001982
Branch – Green Park, New Delhi. INDIA
Pincode – 110016
RTGS OR IFSC Code – ICIC0000071

Modes of Payment

  • Online Payment
  • Direct Account Transfer / Wire Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Western Union Money Transfer
  • Check / Demand Draft
  • Money Order 

Join now and begin your journey to the World of Knowledge.

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