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Social Programs

Life Management Program  ( For Adults )

  1. Health
  2. Prevention of Sickness
  3. Promotion of Health
  4. Mental Health
  5. Community Health
  6. Harmony in Family
  7. Role & Dignity of Senior Citizens
  8. Marriage – Its success & relevance
  9. Family
  10. Self  Management
  11. Self development
  12. Stress management
  13. Time management
  14. Relationship management
  15. Sex education

Life skill Development Program (For Children, Adolescents & Young Adults)

  1. Self Management
    • Self Identity & Vision
    • Holistic Personality
    • Attitude and Values
    • Self care & Grooming
    • Etiquettes n Manners
  2. Health Management
  3. Including  Sex education
  4. Stress Management
  5. Time Management
  6. Decision Making
  7. Problem Solving
  8. Relationship Management
  9. Creativity & Aesthetics
  10. Rights and Duties
  11. Study Skills 

Social Mission Workshops

We are pleased to reach out to people to help them understand and reorganize life in their pursuit of happy life and good health of body and mind and soul. We offer Workshop & Lecture by Dr S K Sharma for Gatherings, Schools, Colleges, Offices, RWA & other Organizations on topics like

  • Living with Good Health
  • Say no to sickness
  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management
  • Say no to Addictions
  • Mind Power
  • Positive Mental Health
  • Life Skill Development Program
  • Lifestyle Development Program
  • Bliss of Being –  The Science  of Spirituality
  • The Self Management Program
  • Art of Relationship
  • The Secret of Family Happiness
  • Marriage – For health, harmony and happiness
  • Making of a successful marriage
  • Positive Sexuality
  • Senior Citizens – Living happily with dignity
  • Life Management

We believe that every single good work done by us is like a seed which will help the people and society to move towards the state of healthy body, sound mind and happy relationships. These lectures are organized by Care India Foundation on Free of Cost basis. These must be booked at least a month prior to the date. Contact Us for details.