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Treatment of Folliculitis

  • Homeopathic Treatment of Folliculitis
  • Acupuncture & Acupressure Treatment of Folliculitis
  • Psychotherapy Treatment of Folliculitis
  • Conventional / Allopathic Treatment of Folliculitis
  • Surgical Treatment of Folliculitis
  • Dietary & Herbal Treatment of Folliculitis
  • Other Treatment of Folliculitis

What is Folliculitis

Symptoms of Folliculitis

Causes of Folliculitis

Risk factors of Folliculitis

Complications of Folliculitis

Lab Investigations and Diagnosis of Folliculitis

Precautions & Prevention of Folliculitis

Treatment of Folliculitis

Homeopathic Treatment of Folliculitis

Homeopathy relieves inflammation, itching and pain. The homeopathic medicines are selected after a full individualizing examination and case-analysis, which includes the medical history of the patient, physical and mental constitution, family history, presenting symptoms, underlying pathology, possible causative factors etc. Some of the homeopathic medicines for folliculitis are:

  • Asar
  • China
  • Cinnab
  • Apis M
  • Selenium

Conventional / Allopathic Treatment of Folliculitis

Allopathic treatment of folliculitis includes antibiotics such as mupirocin or clindamycin which are applied 2 to 3 times per day. Large areas of folliculitis may require antibiotics, such as dicloxacillin or cephalexin taken by mouth. Severe or recurrent infections may require a seven- to 10-day course of treatment with penicillin or other oral antibiotics.

Dietary & Herbal Treatment of Folliculitis

  • A diet rich in green, yellow, and orange vegetables
  • Drinking eight to 10 glasses of water a day

Other Treatment of Folliculitis

A wet compress made with white vinegar may help ease your folliculitis symptoms.

What is Folliculitis

Folliculitis is an infection in the hair follicles. Folliculitis is a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become infected with bacteria and can appear on any part of the body where hair is present.

Symptoms of Folliculitis

  • Red pimples with a hair in the center of each one
  • Red and inflamed skin
  • Itchiness or tenderness
  • Pus-filled bumps
  • Mild fever
  • An upset stomach

Causes of Folliculitis

  • Friction from shaving or tight clothing
  • Using antibiotics or steroid creams for long periods.
  • Inflammatory skin conditions, including dermatitis and acne
  • Injuries to your skin, such as abrasions or surgical wounds
  • disease such as diabetes or HIV that lowers your ability to fight infection
  • Coverings on your skin, such as plastic dressings or adhesive tape

Risk factors of Folliculitis

  • Diabetes, organ transplantation and HIV/AIDS
  • Acne or dermatitis
  • Trauma to your skin from injury or surgery
  • Long-term antibiotic therapy for acne
  • Topical corticosteroid therapy
  • Overweight or obesity
  • Wearing high boots or tight clothes
  • Exposure to hot water, such as a hot tub or a heated swimming pool

Complications of Folliculitis

  • Recurrent or spreading infection
  • Large, itchy patches of staph infection on the skin
  • Furunculosis
  • Thick, raised scars or patches of skin
  • Destruction of the hair follicle

Diagnosis of Folliculitis

Your doctor will diagnose your skin by looking at the skin and ask about your health and activities. Your doctor may send a sample taken from one of your pustules to a laboratory and may remove a small tissue sample (biopsy) from an active lesion for testing.

Precautions & Prevention of Folliculitis

  • If you own a hot tub, clean it regularly and add chlorine when recommended.
  • Avoid constrictive clothing
  • Shave with care
  • Gently wash the infected skin twice a day

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