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The Vital Cure


The Vital Cure

Prctive Healthcare with Proactive Holistic Homeopathy

Clinical Health and Wellness Products

Based On

Your Genetic Constitution

**Improve Health        **Improve Body Functions         **Prevent Sickness

Ethos offers the ultimate ‘Proactive Health & Wellness Products’ which gives you positive health and prevent development of sickness. These products are more suitable to you as they are selected on the basis of your unique genetic constitution & clinical status. These do not wait till sickness overpowers you and causes damage to your body organs. These are Proactive so keeps you in good health year after year. Their advantages are :

  • Improves Health & Body Functions. Gives Positive Health.
  • Alleviates expression of negative aspects of genetic constitution and promotes expression of positive aspects of genetic constitution.
  • Minimize chances of falling sick.
  • Selected by the Doctor on the basis of assessment of your clinical status.
  • Selected specifically according to your genetic constitution, therefore are more effective.
  • No side effects as they comprise of Holistic Homeopathy.
  • Improve Immunity and Disease fighting ability.
  • Slow down degeneration of body tissue. Delays ageing.

What are they ?

These are safe and effective Proactive Holistic Homeopathic Products specifically selected on the basis of your clinical status and your own genetic constitution. You can choose from the following according to your need.

                                    Major AttractionPain Aid (No 33)                         Mind Power & Memory Aid (No 27)

Stress Aid (No 44)                       Height Gain Aid (No 19)

Infertility Aid (No 36)                 Addictions Aid (No 1)

Mood Aid (No 29)                       Immunity Aid (No 22)

Weightloss Aid (No 49)               Sex Power Aid (No 40, 41)

Detoxification Aid (No 9)            Digestive Aid (No 11)


Complete List of available products.

  1. Addictions Aid 

Helps in addiction of alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc

  1. AIDS / HIV Care

Helps in management of HIV / AIDS

  1. Allergy Care

Helps in Hypersensitivity / Allergy

  1. Blood Aid

Helps in purification and in getting healthier blood

  1. Bone Care

Helps in improving structure and strength of bones, also helps after bone injury / fracture

  1. Brain Tonic

Improves Brain functions & Brain Power

  1. Cancer Care

Helps body’s ability to prevent & fight against cancer

  1. Cholesterol Care

Helps in reducing Bad Cholesterol and improving Good Cholesterol

  1. Detoxification

Helps in elimination of wastes & toxins from the body, reduces tissue damage and improves overall body functions.

  1. Diabetes Care

Helps body in keeping Diabetes under check and in its fight against the complications of Diabetes

  1. Digestive Aid

Helps in improving digestion and assimilation of food, balances appetite and thirst, helps in elimination of waste, prevents constipation

  1. Ear Aid

Helps in better hearing ability and fights ear complaints

  1. Eye Care

Helps in keeping eyes healthy and improving vision

  1. First Aid Kit

A Must For Every Home. Very useful for conditions like Injury, Burn, Cold, Fever, Diarrhea, Food Poisoning, Motion Sickness, Jetlag etc

  1. Genetic Aid

Helps in healthier expression of Genetic Constitution. Especially useful during pregnancy to minimize future complaints

  1. Hair Care

Helps in getting healthy and beautiful hair

  1. Headache

Helps in preventing recurring headaches. An alternative to Painkillers

  1. Heart & Circulatory System Tonic

Helps in getting healthy heart and better blood circulation

  1. Height Gain

Helps in increasing height naturally

  1. Hormone Care

Helps in preventing & correcting Hormonal Imbalance

  1. Hypertension & Hypotension

Helps in regulation of blood pressure

  1. Immunity

Helps in improving body’s immunity & disease fighting ability naturally

  1. Joint’s Care

Helps in getting pain free, healthy joints

  1. Kidney Tonic

Helps in improving kidney function and elimination of toxins & waste

  1. Kid’s / Children’s Growth (0 – 15 years)

Helps in healthy and balanced physical & mental growth of children

  1. Liver Tonic

Helps in improving liver function and metabolism

  1. Memory Aid

Improves Concentration and Memory

  1. Men’s Health

A boost for men, it helps in gaining vigor & vitality.

  1. Mood Aid

Helps to keep good mood & avoid mood swings

  1. Muscle Aid

Improves muscular strength & function

  1. Nervous System  Tonic

Helps to strengthen nervous system

  1. Old Age

Helps the senior citizens to live with good health & comfort

  1. Pain Aid

Helps to reduce suffering in painful conditions

  1. Pregnancy Care

Helps healthy pregnancy from conception to post delivery recovery

  1. Prostate Care

Helps in prostate complaints

  1. Reproductive Tonic Female

Helps in improving reproductive function in females, useful in infertility

  1. Reproductive Tonic Male

Helps in improving reproductive function in males, useful in sterility

  1. Respiratory System Tonic

Helps in improving respiratory system

  1. Rheumatism Aid

Helps in fight against Rheumatism and its complications

  1. Sex Power Female

A natural boost to female sex power

  1. Sex Power Male

A natural boost to male sex power

  1. Skin Care

Helps in getting healthy skin

  1. Sleep Aid

Helps in getting sound & refreshing sleep

  1. Stress Aid

Helps in managing stress and avoiding stress related complications

  1. Teeth Care

Helps in developing healthy teeth & fighting decay, helps easy teething

  1. Thyroid Care

Helps in getting better thyroid function and body metabolism

  1. Weakness

Natural energy boost for abundance of stamina & vitality

  1. Weight Gain  & Physique

Helps in gaining weight naturally

  1. Weight Loss & Sliming

Helps in losing weight naturally

  1. Women’s Health

A boost for women, it helps in living with minimum complaints that women gets

How to get them ?

Process is as simple as 123

  1. Select the product & quantity.
  2. Make the payment. Contact Us for options.
  3. Assessment Form – You will get one assessment form. Just fill it and return.  It can be done online, over phone or by post. You will receive your selected good health product within 3-4 days time.

It is time to gain & celebrate good health, Naturally.

Contact Us for order or further details.