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What is Infertility

Treatment What is Infertility – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

Infertility is not being able to start or maintain a pregnancy. Infertility is the term used for women who are unable to get pregnant, and for men who are unable to impregnate a woman, after at least one year of trying. Infertility does not have a single cause because successful pregnancy is a multi-step chain of events. There are many biological causes of infertility, some which may be bypassed with medical intervention. The cause of infertility can rest in the woman or the man, or can be from unknown factors or a combination of factors. In some cases, environmental factors can contribute to infertility.  In other cases, genetic conditions or other health problems are the main cause of infertility.

Women are infertile if:

  • Their ovaries do not make mature eggs.
  • Damage to the reproductive system keeps eggs from being fertilized.
  • A fertilized egg cannot implant and grow inside the uterus.

Men are infertile if:

  • Their testicles do not make sperm.
  • The pathways that carry sperm are blocked or cut off.

Couples are usually asked to get a medical examination done if they are not able to achieve pregnancy even after a year of unprotected intercourse. A doctor specializing in the field of infertility conducts tests for both the partners and then determines the problems and reasons for infertility. Tests of body temperature, ovulation period, x rays of fallopian tubes and uterus and laparoscopy are usually done for women. For men, the semen count and analysis is given more importance.

When to seek a specialist

If you are experiencing infertility after properly planning the timing of sexual activity and doing everything you know to naturally conceive, seeking advice from a doctor should be a next step.