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Sublime Sex

Sex is a form of energy. A very powerful energy, more powerful than nuclear energy or fire. You can use it constructively with self discipline to create enormous happiness in life or you can get addicted to senseless sex and spoil life. It depends entirely upon you. To create sex discipline and use sexual energies in constructive manner, sublime sex.

Sublimation is a process in which inner instincts are transformed into higher forms of thoughts, feelings and deeds. It can be spiritual, ideological, artistic, intellectual, scientific, social or even higher physical states like sports. The benefit of sublimations is:

  • Better control on instincts and impulses
  • Channelize energy into higher forms of life activities
  • Higher achievements in life
  • More social acceptance and appreciation
  • More self worth and self esteem
  • Better discipline in life
  • Ideal for relationships and family life
  • Stronger and more attractive body

Do I need to suppress or give up sex?

Not at all.Infact you will enjoy sex more. All you need to do is to create little sex discipline where in place of indiscreet sex, you willdevelop a higher sexuality in which your focus in on higher forms of activities. You will have high quality sex which is more satisfying and you will be able to use sexual energy to enhance your performance in activities like academics, scientific pursuits, art, music, sports, literature and others. You should not suppress sexual energy as that will strike back and lead to major disaster. Energy can not be killed, it can only be transformed.

Why should I sublime?

Because if you don’t, you are losing out on both – good sex and good life.Indeed it is your body, your life and you can have any amount of sex. But ask yourself:

  • Will indiscreet sex make me a better or happier human being?
  • Is this the only purpose of my life?
  • Is this the only happiness that I can have?
  • Is it actually giving me real happiness or it is momentarily pleasure?
  • Has it become a kind of addiction in my life?
  • If I can have great sex and develop higher skills like art or sports then why not have both?

Do I need to become spiritual? I do not like all that ‘purity’ stuff.

Get the facts right.

  1. It is not necessary to follow any particular path of spirituality. Infact the word ‘Spirituality’ is misused in this world. Spirituality is not about being religious.
  2. It is not necessary to be religious or perform religious acts, read holy books, chant mantras or meditate. If you wish to do that, it is your choice.
  3. There is no question of pure or impure. Sex itself is pure.

How do I sublime sex?

  • Hold yourself just a little back from your maximum sex desire and activity? It is like when you love to eat something, you have it but do not over eat. Over eating only kills the fun.
  • Give priority to quality in sex than quantity.
  • Give due place to activities like art, music, dance, literature, academics etc. This will give you achievements, enhance personality and enhance sexual pleasure as well.
  • Organize wholesome life with good time management, regular exercise and healthy lifestyle.
  • Create a mission in life. Something that gives you identity. A meaning to live. It could be your work, hobby or any other activity.