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Sexual Fitness

Sexual fitness refers to a state of readiness to enter into satisfactory sexual relationship. It may vary culture to culture and age to age. The significance of sexual fitness in today’s world can not be exaggerated. Many marriages and relationships break down only because of this factor. It can also affect person’s self esteem and in turn affect other aspects of life.

Factors of sexual fitness

  • General physical fitness

State of general physical health can affect sexual fitness. Factors like body strength, stamina and flexibility makes the foundation of good sexual capacity. Presence or absence of diseases like diabetes, asthma, hypertension etc influences the sexual fitness.

  • Psychological fitness

Is the person mentally ready? Self awareness, self esteem, attitude towards life, stress level, socialization ability all can affect readiness for satisfactory sexual relationship.

  • State of sexual organs

Development of sexual organs is must for being sexually ready. Abnormality in this can seriously affect sexual fitness. In addition development of secondary sexual characteristics can also influence how a person perceives his or her sexual fitness.

  • State of sexual hormones and sexual physiology

A normal level of sexual hormones like testosterone, prolactin, estrogen is required for good sexual functioning. The physiological functioning of sexual system right from brain to sexual organs must be in order. The sex centre in brain, nerves in spinal cord, the blood and nerve supply to sex organs all play crucial role

  • Sexual knowledge and skills

Sound sexual knowledge and skills are necessary for good sexual fitness. Many sexual problems are due to insufficient or wrong knowledge, myths, sexual fears, poor sexual skills and techniques. It is like driving a car without knowing how to drive.

  • Skills of relationship and intimacy

Good sex is both physical and psychological process between two human beings. Ability to make a good relationship provides the platform on which the game of sex is nicely played. Intimacy is the spark that ignites the fire of sex. Those who are good in this can claim to know how to make good sex.

How to develop sexual fitness

Following can help in developing the ‘art and science’ of good sex and sexual fitness

  1. Physical fitness – Develop good lifestyle, eat nourishing food, exercise regularly. Undergo regular medical checkup and get treated if found to have any sickness.
  2. Psychological fitness – Destress yourself, learn time management, improve on self esteem. Learn about intimacy and relationship skills.
  3. Sex counseling and sex therapy – This can help you in learning about sexual skills, being sexually informed, remove sexual myths and fears.
  4. Sexual checkup – This involves clinical examination and investigations to check hormonal status and functioning of sexual system.
  5. Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy – Certain deep psychological issues can be rectified by psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. These can also enhance sexual performance.
  6. Holistic treatment – Treatment like acupuncture, yoga and homeopathy can help in overcoming both physical and psychological sexual issues naturally and help in attaining high sexual fitness.