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Sex and Physically Challenged

Treatment Sex Physically Challenged – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

Any physical challenge does not mean end of sex life. It can be as satisfying as ever.


Acceptance of fact that sex will be fun even after the physical challenge. No need to give up. Just like you have fought with physical challenge and have successfully brought life back on track, same can be done to your sex life.


Some adjustments might be in place. It depends on the kind of physical challenge. Partner too needs to adjust. Some partners become too fearful to cause any trauma. It can be different but the fun is same.


Discuss with your partner. Talk about the possibilities. Do not hesitate in talking about sexual needs. Discuss how do you wish to have fun.

Seek help

Seek professional help in sexual rehabilitation. Counselors, psychotherapist, physical therapist and others can help in their own way to improve sex life.


You can design your own ways of sexual fun which can be away from standard sexual practices. Use ideas and creativity to have good fun.