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Sex in Media

Treatment Sex Media – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

Sex is everywhere. It is widely used as itself and also as promoting agent. Without arguments, it attracts attention and viewership. So people are happy to claim – Nothing sells like sex. It can be seen in:

  • Print media
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Movies
  • Commercials (ads)
  • Internet

Sex in movies

Society has always done both – demanded sex in movies and reacted sharply when it occurs. The demand motivates film makers to show more and the reactions lead to setting up of censor board and controls. But the task is not easy. Nudity and sex in movies is loved by masses due to movie’s larger than life appeal. People love to see their stars in action even when it comes to sex.

Censorship differs from country to country. But one thing is common. Every country and society has a threshold of display of nudity and sex beyond which it becomes just too much. This threshold is not static and changes with time. And this change is not necessarily towards more sex, it can be away from it as well. Censorship can be affected by various influences like political, religious, activists and public opinion.

There is a counter opinion as well. Some people favor less control as they believe films are part of art, creativity and freedom of expression gets affected if they are controlled. Society too displays more tolerance especially when sex is displayed in aesthetic and non vulgar way.

Sex is displayed in various forms in movies. It can be nudity, sex crimes, sex humor and love making. There may be connect with story or just inserted to add spice. It varies society to society what it calls normal, erotic or vulgar. Also significant factor is who is displaying sex on screen. A short scene by famous celebrity will create more buzz than major sex scene by unknown people. Mostly body doubles are used but to add spark cinema makers introduced unsimulated sex in which actors engage in actual sex acts.

Why sex in media is dangerous

Sex is not bad or harmful but it has produced some bad effect on society. Reasons are:

  • Over exposure or excess even to the extent of irrelevant to theme
  • Distortion as it is presented in over glamorized manner away from reality
  • It comes to you when you are not searching for it
  • Do not discriminate age, it is available to all

The research on how bad is the effect of sex in media on people especially children and adolescents tells about the magnitude of problem. Media itself is habit forming. Children and adolescents pick up messages influencing moral values and personality before it is properly developed. The result is:

  • High risk behavior
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Poor personality development
  • Sex addiction and sex perversion
  • Poor development of relationship skills
  • Loss of purpose in life

To manage this, there must be comprehensive program:

  • Laws and regulation to check misuse of media
  • Reduce time spend with media to reasonable limits
  • Replace with healthy hobbies
  • Child protection system