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Sex Art

Treatment Sex Art – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

Any artistic work that displays sexuality or gives erotic or sensual arousal is caller Erotic or Sex Art. They may be photographs, paintings, drawings, sculptures, engravings etc. Sex art is different from pornography which does not have elements of art.

Ancient civilizations have many such examples in the form of carvings, paintings or pottery. Greeks had sexual scenes on ceramics. There are sexual paintings on walls of old Roman buildings and famous Khajuraho caves in India. Kama Shastra and Kama Sutra are famous sex manuals from ancient India. Painters from around the world have worked on nude art. Later erotic photography became more popular.

Sex art is a debatable topic. Some call it aesthetic and depiction of beauty whereas others call it obscene. Art for one is obscenity for other. Those working on sex art use nude body to express human qualities and emotions. They can also be used to express social problems and life. Modern art also has ventured into the genre. At times sex art is used to send a message like in case of rape and sexual harassment.

Controversy has progressed with sex art going into performing art where live models are used to depict are. It even involves people in close contact. As said before, this has evoked strong reactions and criticism. The world continues….