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Sex around the world

Cultural and Religious Differences

People differ in their behavior and lifestyle. This is more pronounced if there are cultural and religious differences. Same is true for sexual behavior. Something that is obvious in one culture may be considered as very bad in other culture. It is necessary for such couples to discuss openly about their sexual learning and values. Once they understand each other, they can either come close or accept to be different. For example in one culture women might be expected to play a dormant role in sex while in other it might be taken as lack of interest in sex.

The common sexual behavior patterns around the world:

The first encounter

The age of first encounter has decreased over last few decades. Among nations, countries of Asia and Latin America start late than Africa, Europe and North America. But even this difference is leveling off with time. Sex below 16 is not uncommon now.


On an average people in North America and Europe have sex about 120 – 140 times a year whereas it is 60 – 80 in Asia.

Sexual orientation

It is said that 3 – 4 % of males and 2 % females have homosexual orientation. Around the world there is big difference in acceptance of sexual orientation ranging from complete acceptance to death penalty.


The average age of start of dating is about 12 – 14 years in Europe and North America. It is higher in other parts.


About 60% couples have had the arranged marriage. Age of permission to marriage is low in countries like Chile and Paraguay than in India and China. The married couples are more likely to have sex than unmarried. People are getting married late and therefore premarital sex is rising.

Multiple partners

Europe and North America has high percentage of people with multiple partners than in other parts.

Sexual Aggression

It is said that females from New Zealand, Iceland are most aggressive when it comes to sex.

Sex awareness

Around the world friends, TV and books have remained the major source of learning about sex. Recently internet is replacing them as major source of both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ knowledge. With internet in mobiles, sex is in pocket of everyone.

Pornography, Prostitution and Sex crimes

With internet in place pornography has become widespread. On one hand people have become more liberal and on the other hand it is said that this leads to rise in prostitution and sex related crimes. Different countries have different levels of censorship. This has remained and will remain a highly controversial issue.

Religion and sex

It is said that the laws of a country against sexual liberty are directly proportional to religious conservativeness.