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Sex and Marriage

Sex is vitally important to a healthy marriage. if you’re married or thinking about getting married, at some point or another you’ve wondered what better sex in marriage would be like or how sex in marriage could be improved. The sexual act in marriage is intended to add bond to the intimacy and oneness of both the husband and the wife. Sex in marriage is a fellowship. It is an experience and a communication that derives fulfillment and liberty. It helps in bringing growth and development in the relationship and depth to trust and confidence in each other. It provokes and evokes transparency and absolute nakedness between the husband and the wife. The two important ways to keep your sex life active is to make time for one another and to talk with each other.

Purpose of sex in marriage

  • Sex is the expression of love to one’s spouse.The highest and the best way to express your love to each other is by having sex.
  • Sex is a great way of sharing and caring.It touches the body, soul and the spirit.
  • Sex can be used as a tool of recreation and relaxation. Long foreplay, massaging, hugging and kissing are all ways to relax with one’s spouse
  • The fun you share in sex like playing, learning about one another, sometimes making mistakes and laughing at ourselves is bonding you together as well
  • Sex can serve as a tool of preservation of your marriage.
  • Sex can be a happy ending to some quarrels, though it is not a substitute for discussing the issue.
  • Sex is for procreation and helps in welcoming children in our life.

Sexual relationship is a way of knowing each other intimately, deeply and personally. The man knows the woman through the act and likewise the woman. The sexual experience is more about trust and a willingness to be open with your partner, allowing you to be both aroused and relaxed if you want a better sex in marriage. So, Sex can keep your marriage strong.


Or sex outside marriage

For some it is unthinkable others say why to even think about this as an issue. People may have sex outside marriage for their own reasons:

  • Just fun
  • No commitment required
  • Feeling and expressing passionate again
  • For sake of new relationship
  • Some worldly gains like money or favors
  • For getting pregnant

Consequences of extramarital sex

  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD)
  • Unwanted pregnancy
  • Stress. guilt or regret due to realization of cheating on partner
  • Loss of self confidence and self esteem
  • Repeated affairs and sex addiction
  • Loss of relationship and family
  • Damage to work or studies
  • Loss of social reputation
  • Emotional conflict and past memories leading to no stable relationship