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Rising age and sex

Treatment Rising age and sex – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

Middle-aged women are more satisfied with their sex lives as they get older – even though they have less sex and say their partners have performance issues in the bedroom. Men, on the other hand, say they are less satisfied as time goes on. A loss of sex drive and the need for physical intimacy might be acceptable to some folks as they mature, but there are millions of men in their 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, and older, that perish the thought of dwindling sexual relations at or after middle age.

Midlife sex takes extra effort. The challenges associated with reaching middle age like stress, overwhelming responsibilities, aging kids and parents, exhaustion and body changes, leave anything that takes extra effort low on the priority list.

Both male and female libidos tend to decline with increasing age and males tend to lose their libido faster than women. However, this is not to say the desire for sex is lost completely or even that it decreases for everyone. The female menopause has been linked to a loss of interest in sex and to a desensitisation of the genital area. In some cases sexual intercourse can even become painful for older women

Sex between elderly people is often treated as a taboo by society. Whilst sex itself is a sensitive topic due to its private nature, sex between seniors is often treated with extra care. STD’s are also prevalent in later life despite common misconceptions that STD’s only affect younger people groups. Many men in older age do not believe they need to use protection such as condoms as they age and their partners often feel likewise, so it can be difficult to stress the importance of continued use of protection for elderly couples.

Sex is a way to express love and it also provides the feeling of security and reconfirms the feelings shared between people, regardless of age. It has a symbolic value which is independent of age.

Changes in the male

  • Low sex hormones
  • Low libido
  • Lesser erection
  • Less bodily agility and flexibility

Changes in the female

  • Low sex hormones
  • Low libido
  • Less bodily agility and flexibility
  • Dryness of vagina

Keep it going

Some ways to spice up sex life, age no bar:

  • Keep fit – Maintain fitness and good lifestyle to enjoy sex longer.
  • Take it easy – Don’t rush into sex. Let it build up at its own pace.
  • Do not compare – Do not compare with your younger age. This is new and different.
  • Be playful – It is not display of strength. Be playful with small things like touch, kisses etc.
  • Foreplay – Foreplay in itself can be complete fun. Do not make intercourse necessary. Manual stimulation can be good fun.
  • Lubrication – If dryness is problem, use lubrication.
  • Medication and therapy – Conventional or herbal medication or therapies like acupuncture can be tried to boost up sex life.

What can sex do for you:

  • Keep relationship spark shining
  • Refresh memories
  • Relieves stress
  • Good for health