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Psyche of a Criminal Mind

What does “Psyche of a criminal mind” means?

A criminal mind can range from hard core criminal may be having a base in brain chemistry to other extreme of ‘normal’ individuals. There are three basic factors that make a ‘criminal mind’
– An unrestricted or uncontrollable impulse
– Lack of sensitivity to other’s rights and suffering
– Fear (of law, loss of reputation etc) is either undeveloped, gets transiently overwhelmed or is assessed to be taken care.

What instigates a person to commit a crime, psychologically ?
Three kinds
– Impulsive – In this sudden impulse like lust, greed or anger overwhelms the other mental faculties.
– Planned – In this the person calculates the gain versus danger and when gains weigh heavier, the plan is executed.
– Repetitive – In this initial success acts as instigation for repeated and bigger crimes.

How a criminal’s mind different from normal mind, socially and psychologically?
– Perceived feeling of being deprived
– Perceived feeling of being unsuccessful
– Perceived feeling of inability of meeting the desired goal in socially appropriate manner
– Perceived feeling of ‘correctness’ of self need
It is important to understand that the social and psychological factors are more ‘felt’ than actual. That is why not every person who is deprived becomes a criminal and on other hand those with plenty may turn to crime.

What is Antisocial Personality disorder?
It is the development of the person’s personality in such a way that he or she does not learn socially appropriate skills and behaviour patterns which are based on respecting others rights and feelings. There is aggression, lack of guilt, lack of tolerance of frustration causing disregard for social values and norms.

As the Juvenile Cases are increasing day by day, it’s the media or parenting responsible for this?
Not two but three. Media, Parenting and society.Media because it provides unhealthy stimulus to young minds. Parenting is the main cause because they are in direct contact and have the responsibility of shaping personality of the child. And society because it has failed to provide a healthy platform for young minds to develop and has proved a good breeding ground for crimes.

What is the set of mind of Juvenile criminals? How they can be taken out from such situations?
Mindset of juvenile criminals is characterized by two prominent factors – high impulsiveness and incomplete social maturity. Every society expects or sets a particular age by which social maturity is attained. Juvenile criminals are like those drivers who drive without learning how to drive, accidents are but natural. To pull them out of that situation a holistic program is required which deals with their circumstances, their correct social learning and their personality development.

Do juvenile homes help in reforming a young criminal mind?
Pathetic. They are not causing reforms but in fact pushing them down further. Basic reason is that they are just ‘kept’ there. Who is concerned with reforms and development? On top of it the abuses in juvenile homes complete the deforms.

What is the psychology of society about crime against women from your point of view?
There has always remained one section of society for which women are ‘lesser beings’. For these women have limited capabilities, limited roles, should stay within prescribed ‘boundaries’ and should serve higher beings ‘men’. In present time this is visible in words and deeds of people. It is this psyche which directly or indirectly encourages crime against women and puts the blame of crime against women on victim itself.

Why the numbers of people getting involved in heinous crimes are are increasing day by day?
People today are becoming more and more vulnerable to crime. The checks against crimes are three – Legal, Social and Religious. Unfortunately all three are falling down. This paves way to breaks the psychological barrier against crime.

Reasons are following:
– Psychological loneliness, lack of backup or support system
– Changing priorities due to changing value system
– Poor Emotional Quotient EQ and Social Quotient SQ
– Lack of fear

Why there are increasing sexual crimes ?
The basic factor is the women are perceived as weak, vulnerable with no voice and nowhere to go. The perception that they cannot and will not raise complaint and even if they do nothing is going to happen motivates for such crimes.

What is the difference between a Psychopath and Sociopath?
Although debated in terms of inborn versus environmental, the basic difference is that a psychopath has locus of disorder in temperaments (poor EQ) leading to social disorder (poor SQ) whereas a sociopath has social disorder as locus leading to temperamental disorder.

Why women and minor girls are made target often? Is there anything on part of women that invites a crime? What is psychology of women that time?
Like said earlier, women are perceived as weak, vulnerable with no voice and nowhere to go. They are easy prey. Women cannot be held accountable for inviting crimes. Only thing they can do is observation of caution that can reduce the risk of such crimes. A victim goes through many traumatic emotions like shock, feeling of insecurity, helplessness, inability to trust, embarrassment, guilt, shame, anger and others.

These days as we are seeing the crime against minors are increasing, why there is such mentality among people, who are committing such brutal crimes? Is there any psychological explanation to this act? Why and how a person of 21 or 60 years of age gets fascinated to kid of 4 or 6 years of age?
No one can be easier prey than minors. All factors which ‘encourages’ crime in general becomes more prominent in cases of minors. Small kids offer least resistance and threat. In certain crimes they do not even know what has happened to them. And this is what such criminals are looking for. Their minds are working on only one principle – pleasure and pain. Their minds know that with older people they are in risk of resistance and retaliation which is painful for them. Even the feeling of being judged as bad person is painful. So their minds are trained to search for soft targets which offer no pain.

Is there is any solution to these kind of criminal instincts among people in society?
There is always some solution available provided they are applied sincerely. These are basically of two types:
1. Corrective – More at individual level by providing treatment and therapy to such individuals.
2. Preventive – More at society level – Identification of early offenders, not shielding offenders in family, correct parenting, media guidelines, positive personality development at schools etc.

How a person can judge criminal instinct within oneself?
Once a person has reached such advanced stage, self assessment on their own cannot be expected. But it is possible to develop such assessment with proper therapy and rehabilitation. It is better to nip the fire in bud in early offenders.

Does policing plays an important role in reforming criminals when they are convicted and sent to jail?
Police has very crucial role. They must be trained to deal with different kind of criminals in a way that can help in long term reform. In addition once in jail, such people must receive support in the form of therapy and rehabilitation.

How alcohol and crime is connected to each other?
This is not direct but complex relationship. Every criminal does not drink and every drinker does not commit crime. The one possibility is those with antisocial or criminal temperament are also driven to alcohol or they seek refuge in alcohol. Secondly alcohol can indirectly increase crime by affecting mental faculties like perception as well as by causing disinhibition.

What is the way out from this crime world, if it’s possible?
Yes, very much possible.
1. There must be a strong desire and will in those who are leading society – politicians, religious leaders, celebrities, heads of organizations etc. They must be good role models themselves and must be accountable to nurture the environment of crime free society.
2. Society and family must uphold value system. Unfortunately in today’s world the difference between right and wrong are getting blurred. This leads to breaking down of the psychological barriers in people’s mind to resist from erring in the zone of wrong.
3. Parenting must be meaningful. Every couple must undergo marriage counselling and parenting classes. This will prevent unhealthy family atmosphere that breeds criminal tendencies. No one should be left isolated.
4. Value based education in schools. Teachers must be trained to handle children in wholesome positive and constructive manner. Guides and counsellors must supervise personality development of every child. Early offenders must receive special attention.
5. Crime prevention guidelines and training.
6. Effective governance with better laws and their implementation.
7. Reform and rehabilitation of offenders.