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Pregnancy and Sex

Treatment Pregnancy and Sex – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

Can we have sex during pregnancy? This topic is crucial for every couple due to reasons of both kinds.

If we avoid:

  • Removes the happiness of sex from life
  • Causes stress and strain relationship

If we do not avoid:

  • It causes pain
  • It feels awkward
  • It can harm pregnancy and child

Experts say that there is no harm in having sex during pregnancy and can even provide psychoemotional support to woman. It is mutual choice.

Will it harm baby?

It will not in case of gentle sex. Nature has given enough protection to baby. But caution is required in case of possible infection, bleeding, low placenta and previous spontaneous miscarriage.

Does she have sexual desire?

Sexual desire may vary. It depends on how she feels about having sex during pregnancy. Some women experience very high libido during pregnancy and enjoy sex. Condition like nausea of pregnancy, weakness etc can affect libido.

Which position is good?

If ‘man on top’ position is uncomfortable there are many other positions:

  • Lying on side
  • Lying on the edge of the bed
  • Sitting
  • Woman on top
  • Oral sex is also safe

And post delivery?

Again mutual choice but four weeks is good time to wait. A lot depends on woman’s health, emotional status and baby care.