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Myths & facts about sex

Treatment Myths & facts about sex – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

Sex is a normal part of healthy adult life, but it is seldom discussed openly.Wrong beliefs are the common cause of many broken hearts and relationships. Here, is a list of some common sexual myths and facts for your benefit:

  • Myth: Men need or want sex more often than women.

Fact: Not true. Sexual drive varies from person to person in both men and women.

  • Myth: Losing one drop of semen is equal to losing about 40 drops of blood.

Fact: Semen is not made of blood. Losing semen is in no way related to losing blood.

  • Myth: Too much masturbation makes the penis shrink in size.

Fact: Not true. No amount of masturbation will make the penis shrink. An adult male’s penis will remain the same size throughout his life.

  • Myth: Menopause is the end of a woman’s sex life.

Fact: Women cannot conceive after menopause but can continue to have a normal sex life.

  • Myth: You can’t get pregnant the first time you have sex.

Fact: One sexual encounter is enough for pregnancy to occur. If you do not wish to conceive, it is extremely important that you use a contraceptive, even for your first intercourse.

  • Myth: Simultaneous orgasms are a must for a good sex life.

Fact: Most couples do not achieve simultaneous orgasm. If you are otherwise happy with your sex life there is no cause for concern.

  • Myth: Females also ejaculate when they have an orgasm.

Fact: Not true. Female orgasm does not lead to ejaculation.

  • Myth: Oral sex can get you pregnant

Fact: Most women carry fears of unwanted pregnancy. Oral sex alone cannot result in pregnancy.

  • Myth: Atleast 8 inch penis should be there to have good sex

Fact: Wrong. Sexual satisfaction is not based on penis size. It is the overall relationship and the sexual skill that makes a good sex. Secondly vagina is flexible and grips penis so no penis is big or small for vagina.

  • Myth: Masturbation is harmful

Fact:Wrong. Masturbation is safe natural activity and do not cause any harm to sexual, to any physical or mental function of body.

  • Myth: Pregnancy will not occur if man do not ejaculate inside

Fact: False. Pregnancy can occur due to pre ejaculation fluid.

  • Myth: Woman must have orgasm for good sex

Fact: Not necessary. Unlike man, woman can enjoy good sex even without orgasm although if both male and female learn good skills then orgasm is more likely to occur.

  • Myth: Use of lubricants is weird and done by sex addicts

Fact: False. Dryness makes sex very difficult. Using lubricants make it easy and enjoyable.

  • Myth: Oral sex is absolutely safe, can’t cause any STIs

Fact: The fact is that body fluids get exchanged during oral sex, so chances of transmitting infections are high.