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Learning Sex

Treatment Learning Sex – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

Get it right. Yes, sex can be and should be learned. True that it is natural activity but one can master it and can take it to the level of art. To experience it best, it is necessary to be skillful. Even the most sexually active people do not have correct information or skill. This leads to frustration, sexual disorder and deviant sexual behavior which is enough to ruin life.

  • Remove ignorance, wrong facts and myths
  • Remove poor technique
  • Be fully informed and aware
  • Learn better skills and techniques
  • Learn to avoid sexual disorders
  • Learn to manage sexual disorders
  • Learn the art of intimacy and relationship
  • Understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy sex
  • Learn the difference between mental and physical sexual appetite

People have many questions about sex and how they can become better in this. Unfortunately this crucial aspect of life has no teachers. Everyone get to know from others in group, books or pornography. Most of the knowledge is far from truth. No doubt frustration and dissatisfaction is the result. Unhappiness thus created can affect the entire life. Society must give importance to this and help young ones to learn about skills of healthy sex. Following must be made available to every boy and girl as they grow and learn.

  • Sex Education in school
  • Counseling in school and college
  • Informative books and websites on sex and sexuality

Society should no longer feel embarrassed in talking about sex and better sex skills. Let people learn it and create happiness in life.