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Kama Shastra and Kama Sutra

In old Indian literature in Sanskrit Kama refers to many meanings some of them are love, erotics, sex, sensual pleasures and desires. Shastra refers to the text. Kamashastra refers to the text of love and sex to tell the people about theory and practical of love, sex and pleasures to complete satisfaction.

There are various versions and one the popular and well known is Kama Sutra by Vatsayana. It is mainly in prose. Although it largely deals with sexual behavior but it is not merely a sex manual. It teaches the grace and virtue of love and pleasure. It talks about love in complete to make it in harmony with a meaningful life.

Vatsyayana’sKama Sutra has 1250 verses in 36 chapters.The contents of the book are structured into seven parts :

  1. General remarks which deals with life in general, role of knowledge and the proper conduct.
  2. Amorous advances and Sexual union deals with fore play and sex positions.
  3. It deals with types of marriage and early approach in developing relationship.
  4. It deals with duties and privileges of the wife
  5. It deals with behavior of man and woman, man’s behavior in women’s company.
  6. This is about being a lover.
  7. Occult practices


The most widely known translations of the Kama Sutraare:

  1. By Sir Richard Francis Burton BhagwanlalIndrajiin 1883.
  2. By IndraSinha in 1980.
  3. By Alain Danielou in 1994 into French and then English.
  4. By Wendy Doniger and SudhirKakar in 2002.

On Internet

Most of the sexual tips and positions are available on internet but that is not what KamaShastra is all about. It is the complete philosophy and guides human beings how not to get entrapped and fall in this world of pleasure. It tells how to remain graceful and virtuous while enjoying pleasue and live a higher life.