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Homoeopathy for Drug De-Addiction

Homoeopathy for Drug De-Addiction

Addiction is a tough thing to recover from. It depends on both the psychological factors of the human mind and the physical needs of your body. Especially the alcohol and smoking drug addictions can become fatal and disastrous for the human body if not treated in time. The very first stage of these kinds of addiction is the casual use of the substance. The second stage is when the body improves tolerance against the material with regular consumption of the substance. This tolerance then leads to dependence, and this is how someone gets addicted to alcohol and other drug substances. Addiction then tends to disturb the person’s personal, professional life and cause fatal health issues.

The good news is, drug addiction is something you can get rid of. Although people talk about medications and taking psychological help, it is not limited to these to processes only. Homoeopathic medicines are also another way to fasten your fight against the addiction towards alcohol and other drugs. Here is how.

How does homoeopathy help us to fight against addiction?

As homoeopathy deals with persons as a whole, it deals with every part of our body from the mind, body and spiritual levels. Although you understand the mind and the body level, you might get confused about the spiritual level treatment. Well, homoeopathic doctors are often trained with counselling skills too. Counsellors have proved that addiction starts on a sub-conscious level. Where a child sees his father coming back home, drunk and express his frustration by beating up their family sends a message on the subconscious level of the child that this is what grown-up men do. And that is where the seed has been planted.

Homoeopathy helps a lot with drug de-addiction. With homoeopathic medications and some therapies, anyone can improve their condition of drug dependency. This program to cure drug addictions with the homoeopathic approach does not only focus on the physical alignments but also focus on the psychological nature as well. Homoeopathy believes in miasms that talks about the inheritance weakness manifest in the future generation. Medications to reduce or cure drug abuse uses the hereditary of the disease.

However, homoeopathy takes that go one step further. This step includes those conditions which are not genetically mediated. The homoeopathic treatment for drug de-addiction uses different supplements and different vitamins to evaluate the human body into the new drug-free state. Maintaining balance is an essential part of all the alternative medicines, and it is also true for homoeopathic treatment. The shape of the addict has already destroyed with constant drug abuse, and they lack essential minerals and vitamins in their body. Homoeopathic treatments help to heal the body with those essential vitamins and minerals naturally. In general, almost all the studies have revealed such results that say that homoeopathic treatment is one of the best treatments for drug de-addiction.

Here are a few of the homoeopathic medications that help with drug de-addiction.

  • Acontile

Acontile is one of those primary or acute stage medicines that are prescribed by the doctors. When someone is trying to be free from the addiction chains at the primary stages, the widespread problem they face is heart palpitations. Aconite is an excellent remedy to use for palpitations.

  • Antimonium tartaricum

Experts have an excellent success rate with this remedy with the heroin addicts. Describing the cause behind this, they say that as heroin addicts keep eating a lot of junk food, their digestive system is messed up. Thus, at the withdrawal stage, they cough a lot, and with that comes mucous. With this remedy, experts said that it could stop any vomiting with mucous that is related to withdrawal.

  • Avena Sativa

This is one of the most well-known homoeopathic medicines for drug addictions. In homoeopathy, heroin, marijuana, opium, cocaine, morphine and a lot of other drug addictions can be treated with this particular method. Avena sativa is such a tremendous homoeopathic medicine that also helps to reduce the aftereffects of the detoxifying process too. Our nervous system can be affected by different kind of drug abuses. This medicine also helps to make the rigorously affected nervous system calm after the chronic uses of drugs.

  • Natrum Mur

Natrum Mur is such a miraculous homoeopathic medicine. The main substances to produce this medicine are simple ingredients and some other substances that help to increase usability. These ingredients also help to improve conditions related to diseases and illness. Natrum Mur is such a homoeopathic medicine that contains properties to increase the production of blood cells in the human body, albumin and other essential regulation of cells. It is one of the best drugs actually to cure people with depression. It also helps people who have become victims of alcohol addiction for a long time. Doctors often prescribe this medicine to detoxify the patient’s body in both of the cases.

  • Arsenicum

Arsenicum is a medicine derived from arsenic. Yes, you heard it right. Although arsenic itself is a chemical compound, normally found in the minerals like Sulphur and also in some metals. Arsenicum is a fantastic medicine to cure anyone who has been victimized of alcohol addiction and massive alcohol abuse for a long time. This medicine is a great one, especially for those who are diagnosed with anxiety as well as a victim of enormous alcohol addiction. These medicines help detoxifying such patients.

  • Belladonna

This is an excellent choice for the more violent and feverish withdrawal. Experts said that belladonna has excellent effects with the heroin addicts and also with the hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD.

  • Ipecac

It is also an excellent homoeopathic remedy when there are vomiting and stomach aches in the process of leaving drugs.

So, these were a few of the drugs that have amazing effects with the drug addiction and heavy drug abuse..