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Homeopathy for treatment of sexual problems and disorders

Sexual disorders are disturbances in the sexual response which may be due physical or mental disturbances. Sexual disorders are disturbances in the sexual response like diminished sexual desire, impotence, male orgasmic dysfunction, female orgasmic dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. Lack of libido and inability to become aroused show good response to treatment with homeopathy especially since the cause is psychological in most cases. Another area where homeopathy can be of great help is dyspareunia or painful intercourse, erectile dysfunction in men.

Constitutional Homeopathy is the real homeopathy which assesses the complete details of mind and body. This is a single medicine therapy. Real Homeopathy is based on principal of Similar (the correct matching remedy) Singular (Single medicine) and Smallest (minimum dosage).

Homeopathic remedies are often useful for treating a variety of sexual problems. They are safe to use even if you are on other medications or have heath problems. Because they contain very small amounts of the active ingredients that it will not cause any problems. And yet, they are often very effective. Homoeopathic medicines act by increasing blood supply and exciting the nerves. It is also helpful in sexual disorders associated with psychological disturbances. The homoeopathic treatment gives a feeling of wellness and thus regains the vigor. Some of the homeopathic remedies and their uses are discussed below:

  • Agnus castus – If you feel a cold sensation in the genitals Agnus castus is indicated.
  • Argentum nitricum – This remedy is useful for men whose erection fails when sexual intercourse is attempted, particularly if thinking about the problem makes it worse.
  • Argentum Nitricum – Useful remedy in nervous and anxious men with Complete loss of libido or in whom erection fails when coition is attempted.
  • Asian ginseng – It will help increase libido and maintain an erection.
  • Catuba bark – It increases erectile function while working also as an aphrodisiac to promote overall sexual health.
  • Iodium – A useful remedy in men with loss of sexual power, with atrophied testes.
  • Plumbum Metallicum – Valuable remedy for men with loss of sexual and loss of sexual desire with progressive muscular atrophy.
  • Others like Selenium, Caladium, Acid Phos, Lycopodium, Nux Vomica, Nuphar, Phosphorus, Graphites, Onosmodium, Sulphur etc.

Homeopathy, being a mind-and-body medicine, treats the patients at the level of the body as well as the mind, which is primarily essential for sexual dysfunction cases. Do not try self medication as that not only fails but makes the case more difficult to treat. See a qualified doctor and regain your sex power.