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Extra marital sex

Extramarital sex occurs when a married person engages in sexual activity with someone other than his or her spouse. people get married with high and unrealistic expectations from their partners and when the partner fails to live up to those expectations, the marriage starts to come apart at the seams and  person  look outside the marriage borders for ways of fulfilling those expectations. Here are some reasons why some men and women fall into extramarital sex.

Reasons why women indulge in extramarital sex

  • They have been hurt repeatedly and totally lack trust.
  • The desire for intimacy
  • The boredom and desire for attention, to feel special and treated with respect
  • When there is constant fight (Marital unhappiness).
  • Want to get ahead in her career
  • Sometimes as revenge on partner for his infidelity

Reasons why men indulge in extramarital sex

  • Having sex with more than one woman is an ego boost for those with
    low self-esteem.
  • Lack or poor communication with the spouse
  • Their spouses might not be interested in sex.
  • The woman’s sex drive isn’t what it was when they got married.

Harm it can cause

  • Discord and break up in relationship
  • Loss of self esteem
  • Loss of reputation
  • Risk of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Risk of sex addiction

How to avoid extra marital sex

Relationship between men and women is delicate; it should be handled with care. Therefore, every man should take care of his woman’s feelings and vice-versa. Here are some little things you can do to avoid extra marital sex.

  • Men should be faithful, kind, respectful, fun, romantic and considerate to woman.
  • Try taking out time every week for just the two of you, to spend together.
  • Stay in touch constantly, send romantic text-messages, emails, making gestures in appreciation of his or her efforts
  • Be more fun and creative sexually.