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Discipline of Sex

How many of us are taught discipline of sex and sexuality. No wonder the world of sex is total chaos. People look for satisfaction through quantity as quality is hard to come by. Not many people understand that without discipline it is not possible to have real satisfaction. The common errors people get into are:

– Spoiling relationship. Getting into sexual relationship in relationships where it will not be appropriate to do so. Includes at one extreme are incest and also included are other relationships like doctor patient relationship, teacher student relationship.
– Spoiling trust. Common example is adultery. One may also include having sex with friends boyfriend or girlfriend.
– Paid sex. Most common error. Paid sex can never give you satisfaction. In fact this will always lead to enhanced sexual frustration.
– Forced sex. Very common in society. It is not limited to actual rape. Use of any kind of force. In office boss may use subtle force to have sex with staff. Fear of losing job leads to sexual harassment.
– Sex as favor. Sometimes sex is used to buy favors. Students use to get good grades, staff use it to get hike, in business it is used to get clients or business deals.
– Group sex or multiple partners. Sex which is not based on mutual commitment and love will never give satisfaction. Some people think that we are only concerned with sex, not love. But this is shortsightedness. There will not be inner contentment. In the long run this leads to discontentment, frustration and addiction to sex just like drug addiction.
All this and more such where only motive is self gratification without any respect to norms and values leads to sexual indiscipline and ultimately sexual frustration.
Cross check your sexual behavior, does it satisfy criteria of
– Mutual consent
– Mutual commitment
– Mutual satisfaction
– Social norms and values
If yes than you have high Sexual Quotient. Congratulations ! If no then its time to be sexually responsible.