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Counseling for treatment of sexual problems and disorders

Counseling treatment sexual problems disorders – ETHOS HEALTH

Almost everyone has sex related queries and issues. These can cause sexual anxiety, lack of confidence, lack of satisfaction and even discord in relationships. Counseling is the process through which one can easily sort out such queries and issues.

Some of the common examples:

• Queries about ‘what’ and ‘how to’ in sex
• Lack of sexual confidence
• Anxiety about sex
• Lack of sexual satisfaction
• ‘Abnormal’ or unwanted sexual impulses
• Sexual thoughts and fantasies
• Queries related to sexual quantity
• Lack of sexual desire
• Safe and unsafe sex
• Homosexuality and other Sexual orientation
• Sexual discord
• Sexual abuse
• Sexual loneliness
• Masturbation
The list is endless.

Why chose counseling?

Sex and sexuality play a big role in everyone’s life. Unsolved queries and issues can cause major frustration which can even affect all other aspects of life including work and relationships. Counseling provides a safe place to talk about any such difficulty or issue. Counselor is trained to help you in understanding and solving the issues in appropriate manner.

Is it safe and confidential?

Absolutely. It is completely safe and confidential.

Benefits of Sexual Counseling

• Better understanding of sexual issues
• Dispelling sexual myths
• Becoming guilt free in sexual experience
• Removal of barriers in sex experience
• Better sexual confidence and ability
• Better sexual satisfaction