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Astrology for Better Sex


The matter given below is meant only for information and should not replace medical diagnosis or treatment of any condition.

Your horoscope and hands on your palm can indicate a lot about your sexuality. Palmistry and astrology can tell about the kind of sexuality you have as well as the kind of sexual problems you may face. One must understand two things. One, that these are only indicative. And second there are many factors in both palmistry and astrology. It requires a careful study of inter relation of these factors before reaching some conclusion. Do not jump to any conclusion only on the basis of one point.


Lines on your palm and your hand overall can reveal a lot about your sexuality. Some of the important factors equally applicable to love and sex are:

  1. Type of hand – A gross heavy hand reveals gross energies. A square hand is practical, matter of fact type. A thin long delicate hand is more philosophical in attitude. Thin pointed hand is more artistic type.
  2. Texture – Rough coarse texture can either be towards gross or physical energies. On the other hand soft and smooth reflects refined and more mental energies.
  3. Color – Shift towards red reflects warm loving or hot temperaments and good vitality. Shift towards white or pale reflects lack of warmth and vitality. Yellow shift may reflect negativity of temperament.
  4. Fingers – Thick fingers reflects love for indulgence. Spread out fingers reflects out going nature.
  5. Mounts – Mount of Venus (at base of thumb) is the seat of love. For healthy sexuality it should be prominent but not excessively. Any crisscross of lines on this indicates uncontrolled sexual behavior. Mount of Moon (at outer edge of palm opposite Mount of Venus) is the seat of imagination and emotions. This can reflect your romanticism. Mount of Mars on the both edges of palm determines the state of vigor and vitality. When disturbed it can lead to state of aggressiveness in love and sex. Mount of Jupiter at the base of first finger determines wisdom and sanctity in sexuality. Mount of Saturn at base of second finger if disturbed can lead to infidelity. Mount of Sun at the base of third finger reflects magnetism and ability to attract others. Mount of Mercury at the base of little finger tells about mental and verbal sexual engagements.
  6. Lines – Life line tells about health and vitality. Heart line reflects the state of emotions. It can tell about persons inclination and affects in the matter of love and sex. Brain line tells about person’s intellectual development. There can be small and minor lines, symbols or cross at different places which indicates good or bad effect. One line alone can not tell but a comprehensive palm study is required to reach some conclusion.


Like said before, in astrology many factors are important and must be studied comprehensively before reaching any conclusion. Various elements of sexuality like vitality, libido, development of physique and sexual system, mindset of sexuality etc these all depends on combination of various factors. Since the horoscope of every individual is unique so is his or her sexuality.

Sexuality of a person mainly depends on:

  • State of first and seventh house
  • State of lords of first and seventh house
  • Strength and position of Venus, Mars, Saturn and Rahu

Possible combinations for sexual disorders

  • Afflicted venus, seventh house or seventh house lord
  • Malefic stars in ascendant or Libra
  • Weak and afflicted Venus in 7th house
  • Afflicted Mars in 7th house
  • Saturn and Venus in 8th or 10th house
  • Afflicted Saturn aspecting seventh house
  • Moon in Libra aspected by Mars, Rahu, and Saturn
  • Saturn in the 6th or 12th house in a watery sign
  • Saturn as lord of Ascendant aspected by Mars or Ketu.
  • Ascendant associated with Rahu and Saturn.
  • Rahu / Ketu and Saturn combine with the Moon.