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Adult Sexuality

Experience and behavior of sexuality by an adult.

It is determined by factors such as anatomy, physiology, intellect, emotions, socioeconomic, value system, religious, spiritual, familial, sexual learning and personal choice. At larger level it can be determined by cultural, political, legal and philosophical aspects of life.

Individual unique sexuality gives a basic orientation to every human being. It can be:

  • Heterosexuality – to opposite sex
  • Homosexuality – to same sex
  • Bisexuality – to both sex
  • Asexuality – to none

Why do human beings get interested in sex?

It can be due to:

  • Genetic influence
  • Hormonal factors
  • Learning by exposure
  • Pleasure principal
  • Social learning
  • Driven by needs
  • For reproduction

Types of sexual activity:

  1. Based on activity
  • Conventional like vaginal sex
  • Non conventional like anal sex
  • Perversion like fetish
  • Criminal like rape
  1. Based on number of participants
  • One person activity like masturbation with or without sex products
  • Two person activity like vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, mutual masturbation etc.
  • More than one person activity like group sex

Types of sexual relationships:

  • Marriage
  • Love based commitment
  • Short term relationship
  • Casual relationship
  • Single act relationship like one night stand
  • Sex for mutual interest or favors
  • Paid sex

Evolution of sexuality

Traditionally the sexual activity was driven by purpose like reproduction, attraction or pleasure. With the rise of socialization, it has served a purpose for bonding, emotional connect, remove insecurity, be part of a group, acceptance by others, to gain sense of achievement, as a skill development, business development, aesthetic and artistic growth  and even spiritual growth.

A typical sexual activity

It has

  • Arousal – developing the desire and physiological changes
  • Fore play – pleasure acts before main act
  • Main act – like intercourse
  • After play – pleasure acts after main act
  • Resolution – calming down of desire and physiological changes

Frequency of sexual activity

  • Abstinence – zero activity
  • Low frequency – less than once in fifteen days
  • Average frequency – 1 to 3 times a week
  • High frequency – once or more than once a day

The frequency declines with age, appearance, hygiene, emotional state, health status, after menopause in females, with quality of relationship and with priorities of life.