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International  Forum  for  Integrated Rational  &  Scientific  Treatment 

Dear Doctor,

Greetings from I FIRST.

I FIRST is the international forum for integrated rational & scientific treatment. It is the organization formed with the objective which was told by great Dr Samuel Hahnemann that physicians high & only mission is to heal the sick. Unfortunately today physicians have many missions but for this. With growing commercialization of medical world, many malpractices have creped in among healthcare professionals. This noble profession is fast becoming business and in the process doctors are losing dignity and respect. And even those who are sincere to their work are rigid without opening up their minds to other options which can provide faster and better relief to the patient.

Medical science has made enormous progress and this progress is not limited to allopathy. Remember progress in medical science (i.e. about health, sickness, diagnosis, prevention etc) is not of allopathy alone, it is common to all modes of treatment. There is rapid rise in other modes of treatment around the world be it homeopathy, ayurved, yoga, acupuncture and hundreds of other. These are proving there usefulness and are fast becoming part of people’s daily life. But in spite of all this progress the desired outcome which is the fastest and safest relief to patients is still eluding. There are many reasons of this.

  1. Over commercialization of medical world with self interest going higher than patients’ relief.
  2. Lack of coordination among healthcare professionals.
  3. Prejudice, rigidity and insecurity among healthcare professionals.
  4. Lack of motivation of growth in healthcare professionals.
  5. Lack of right information among public. Information spread through media may in fact confuse  people rather than help.

I FIRST vow to fight this situation and commit itself to bring together healthcare professionals and motivate them to coordinate with each other. This will not only help doctors in professional growth but also will give lots of inner satisfaction as a true doctor. For this we invite you to join hands with us. We are aware about your commitment to the profession and the services you have provided to the society. Together we will embark a mission of true health. All you have to do is do some introspection and make a commitment towards following objectives.

I Pledge

  • To unleash the era of true natural positive holistic health. The holistic health which includes spiritual philosophic psychoemotional physical educational vocational avocational social and other aspects of mankind. The individuals with such holistic health will form healthy families, healthy societies, healthy nations and healthy world at large.
  • To promote authentic, rational and scientific treatment. To fight against over commercialization of healthcare system. To fight against malpractices prevalent among medical practitioners. To fight against false propaganda and distortions of medical sciences by healthcare professionals just for sake of self gain.
  • To work towards integration of various healthcare systems with the objective of development of efficient healthcare system which will provide fastest and safest relief to patients.
  • To promote coordination between healthcare professionals of various streams with the objective of better understanding of health, sickness and options available for treatment.
  • To motivate people to give health topmost priority in life in order to become and stay healthy in body mind and soul. People will be stimulated to take initiative, actively participate and strive for good health.
  • To help people in becoming aware about how to be healthy and how to prevent sickness. To provide basic health and disease information to general public and to remove false impressions / myths. To help people to become aware and make judicious use of therapies / treatment options.
  • To acquire, establish run and/or maintain clinics, dispensaries, hospitals, nursing home, health centres, etc for the benefit and use of general public.
  • To help and provide assistance to poor needy sick and suffering which may be financial, material, service or otherwise.
  • To acquire, establish run and / or maintain medical institute, education and / or training centre for growth and development of holistic health sciences.
  • To provide for and / or carry out research activities in one or more systems and discipline of medical and / or surgical knowledge. To initiate encourage and/or promote discovery, improvement or development of new methods of diagnosis, understanding, prevention and / or treatment of diseases.
  • To associate and / or coordinate with individuals, groups, associations, organizations government / non government national / international bodies with the objective of development and promotion of holistic health.
  • To represent and /or fight for safeguard of genuine interests of general public and / or healthcare professionals in the government departments, institutions, court of law and / or national / international organizations.

Let us fight together for a better world !!!